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Davina Park, Principal Coach at Davina Park Coaching

Davina Park, Principal Coach at Davina Park Coaching

Davina Park: Principal Coach

So, who is Davina Park? I’m a 40-something mum of two energetic and awesome kids, aged 8 and 10. My partner is an inspiring and endlessly supportive bloke I met on Bondi Beach nearly 20 years ago! We still live in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney along with two cats and two goldfish (although the number of fish fluctuates!) I have a passion for the beach, and a son who loves to surf. I’m a bit of a fitness junky, an ex-semi-pro athlete, and tend to use fitness and sporting analogies to get my point across (apologies in advance if you are not into sport!). I love connecting with my communities – both local and online – and get a real buzz bumping into people I know in the supermarket, gym, school, library, my daughter’s ballet lesson, Facebook…. get the drift?

That’s who I am personally, but what’s my story professionally? How did I end up as a life coach?

Around six years ago, I lost my mojo. Normally an enthusiastic person, with boundless energy for work and home, I realised that somewhere along the way I had started to trudge through life, rather than skip through it. My corporate job didn’t really excite me – it only paid the bills, my home felt adequate, but didn’t inspire me, and I didn’t have the energy to take on anything more challenging than getting the kids too and from their activities. Realising that my attitude needed to change, and having no idea where to start, I signed up with a life coach who’d been recommended to me.

With the support of my coach, and well before the end of my 12th session, I had my mojo back! I was once again skipping through life, and living it with renewed purpose and enthusiasm. While it hadn’t been an easy road (I did have to do the work myself after all), it also wasn’t too onerous. With the support of my coach; I set my goals, identified the key strategies I needed, and then systematically ticked off my action items… and low and behold, I achieved my goals! Along the way I discovered that I loved both the experience and the outcomes of working with a life coach and decided that personal coaching was something I would enjoy doing, and possibly be good at. So, around five years ago, I signed up do my training and become a life coach. My qualifications are with Results Coaching Systems, which uses an effective brain-based coaching framework. Their approach to coaching works really effectively for all sorts of different people and goals.

Up until 2013, coaching was something I did ‘on the side’: in the evenings, around my workdays, and on weekends. My ‘real job’ was as a conference and events manager. For the last 20+ years, I’ve run events ranging from professional sporting events, to large international conferences, and for 20 of those 20+ years I loved every second of this career. But toward the end I found my passion for running large corporate events waning, and my enthusiasm for coaching and running workshops and seminars growing… so, with no small amount of apprehension, I handed in my resignation at my corporate job, and decided to make my passion my ‘real job’ and put my energy into Davina Park Coaching.

So, here we are…. Now when people ask me ‘what do you do?’, I respond that I’m a life coach! … and I love how that makes me feel.


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Kirsty Keating, Seed Coaching

Kirsty Keating, Seed Coaching

Kirsty Keating

Kirsty Keating is a life coach of 5 years with an extensive recruitment background of 15 years plus. An ICF (International Coaching Federation) Member and trained Results coach. Her main passion is to help and inspire women to achieve a new level or direction in their lives that gives them clarity and drive whilst offering the support to get balance in their lives. (Whatever that particularly means for that person solely) Tailor made sessions allow the individual to be guided strategically and intuitively to a more focused, organised and creative path with a plan to get from A to B and onwards and upwards to Z too!

Kirsty is also actively involved with Layne Beachley’s Aim for the Stars foundation and coaches the inspiring grant recipients and facilitates yearly group coaching workshops.

Kirsty runs Seed Coaching and welcomes the opportunity to coach individuals, groups and organisations that seek to get closer to a defined goal, find new ways to approach things and think creatively about challenges and habits to be more effective, balanced and calm.

A keen surfer, sea swimmer, blogger ( and mother of two you will find Kirsty never far from the ocean, relaxing, enjoying helping and connecting with people.


Betty Stampoulis-Lyttle Pic

Betty Stampoulis-Lyttle, Training Consultant

Betty Stampoulis-Lyttle

Betty Stampoulis-Lyttle is a Training Consultant focusing predominantly in the Community-Welfare sector. Her experience in the not-for-profit world (in Australia, UK, and USA) spans over twenty years, with the bulk of that work being in disability-specific services, supporting people with a disability to lead more empowered and independent lives.

Betty’s work includes over 15 years experience in the development and delivery of educational workshops & therapeutic programs for clients (& their support network), and training sessions for staff & volunteers, including teaching Welfare & Community Services at TAFE.

Betty is committed and focussed on working within a Person-Centered Approach. She believes that, ultimately, each person should be in charge of their own lives. Therefore, the upcoming changes in the Disability Sector, in regards to DisabilityCare Australia (the National Disability Insurance Scheme) excite her! Betty’s work with Davina Park has begun laying foundations for many people who will participate in the scheme, encouraging them to think about their goals and aspirations.

Betty is a member of the Institute for Learning Practitioners, holds a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and is accredited in Certificate IV Assessment & Workplace Training. She continues to work part-time in the Community Sector, and has worked as an independent Training Consultant since early 2011, running a variety of sessions for small and large not-for-profit organisations, including local government services.

On a personal note, Betty is mum of two, grew up in a Culturally & Linguistically Diverse (CALD) home, and particularly enjoys connecting with people, exploring diversity and celebrating difference!