“What I love”…..100 days of grateful

Day # 1 of my 100 days of 'things I love' project
Day # 1 of my 100 days of ‘things I love’ project

There has been a buzz of late around identifying and expressing what we are grateful for in our lives.

It’s widely acknowledged that taking the time to reflect, and to find at least one thing that you are grateful for within your day, will lead to a greater awareness of the beauty and joy in your life, of the things that make you smile, and ultimately, to a happier you.

The programs that are causing the biggest buzz run from a short, sharp, 21 days, to the very popular 100 days, and the ultimate, 365 day commitment!  The combination of a consistent daily routine and ongoing commitment to these projects is key. Ultimately, the projects are about changing the way you think, of changing your mindset, and establishing new habits. These are brain-based changes and take time.

21 days is a quickie program, and while you’ll definitely notice the changes, you’ll get even better, and longer lasting results from the 100 day time frame.

100 days (or 3 months if you’d prefer) is the ideal time frame for establishing and cementing new habits and my personal favourite. It’s achievable and not overwhelming.

365 days is the ultimate format, but it’s a very long commitment for most people and can be hard to maintain. The risk of skipping a few days here or there is real when you think about the year stretching out ahead of you. It’s amazing how a few days can quickly turn into a week, then two, and suddenly you’ve got a bunch of days to catch up on,  it’s all too hard and you give up altogether.

I’d recommend starting at 100 days and then extending if you really love the process, are totally committed and are keen to continue.

There are many formats for undertaking a grateful project.

    • The 365 Grateful Project  undertaken by Hailey Bartholomew has been published a beautiful book comprising the daily polaroid pictures she took of the things she was grateful for in her life. She initially started the project to combat a period of depression and was so profoundly changed, that she’s extended her personal project into a book, a video, and a portal to encourage others to share their experiences.
    • Other people use social media like Facebook, Instagram or blogs to record daily the things for which they are grateful.
    • Some are old school and use a personal diary.  A paper book no less!
    • Others like the convenience of a phone app or create a video diary.
    • And for some, simply spending a moment or two reflecting on the day, and acknowledging their gratitude before they go to sleep works for them.

I’m about to embark upon a 100 day ‘What I love’ program (this title resonates more than ‘grateful’ for me!). I’m going to use Tumblr as it’s an easy platform to manage the project on my iPhone.  The easier and quicker it is for me to do each day, the more likely I am to succeed.

To be honest, I’ve actually started these projects a few times before (the evidence is still up on my tumblr blog), but was inconsistent and gave up after a few weeks. Consistency, Commitment and Accountability are KEY to making any goal a reality, so here I go… I’m committing to posting EVERY day for 100 days, and I’ll check back with you all during the 100 days via my coaching page to keep myself accountable.

If you’d like to see how I’m going (and help keep me accountable), I’d love to share my journey with you http://davinapark.tumblr.com/

The first one is up now!

Have you ever done a grateful project? How did it work for you?

What are you grateful for today?