Do you have an accountability partner?

Do you have an accountability partner? Mine is my friend and fellow coach Kirsty at Seed Coaching. Every Monday we email each other our highest priority action items for the week with the day we are committing to do them. We also review what we did – or didn’t do – from our previous week’s list. Why do we do this? We are both solopreneurs with kids and busy lives and we treat it a bit like a Monday ‘team meeting’ that helps us plan and prioritise our week. We recognise that these key actions are much more likely to be completed if we:

a) write them down and schedule them into our week; and

b) make a verbal commitment to complete them with a second party.

It can be a lonely work day as a solopreneur, and having someone who is genuinely interested in you achieving your goals for the week is a great motivator. We acknowledge and cheer each other on, give each other pep talks when needed, and ask the tough questions around the stuff that isn’t getting done if those patterns start emerging. This all only takes 5-10 minutes a week. That’s a tiny investment of time and energy for some truly great benefits.

An accountability partner can be a colleague, a friend, a family member or a coach. They can support you via email, phone, an app, or over coffee – whatever works best for you. While Kirsty and I always email, we also meet for regular f2f catch ups over coffee and it’s great being able to celebrate our successes and achievements in person.

Do you have an accountability partner for your work/business, or perhaps your fitness?
Do you find it keeps you focussed on your priorities (or turning up to the gym!)?
How do you check-in with each other?