Take a peak at what some of our amazing clients are saying about their coaching experience.

Jenna Kelley (Vic) ….The thing I love the most about Davina is the ease with which she coaches you on your journey. She clearly understand passion and the importance of goal setting and guides you towards your own solutions, without giving you all the answers when obstacles pop up, as they always do on your path to success. Since working with Davina, I met and surpassed many of my goals. She provided me with numerous ways in which to focus for an upcoming event and how to focus at the event. I had a gentle reminder of how much my fear stops me from doing what I desire. So I told myself that this was my chance to improve and learn and grow and just get out there and do it. And I did.

I confidently and highly recommend Davina to anyone that wants to gain confidence and continue to grow and improve their commitment and achieve their goals and in their life in general. You will not regret making this step towards a better future.

Daphne Riley (NSW) … When I started working with Davina life was complicated, and although I had recently completed a post-graduate degree and was intermittently working in my “chosen” vocation, I was unhappy. Throughout my time working with Davina, she was unfailingly patient and non-judgemental as I laid out my confusion and dissatisfaction. She was assertive when I needed that extra nudge. Bit by bit, millimetre by millimetre we edged towards MY truth. It isn’t glamorous or even well paying, but it makes me happy and satisfied. I know that when I leave the chaos of my home life and get to work, I will be happy and able to breath. Davina is intelligent, gentle and intuitive… but luckily pushy enough when I needed her to be. Thank you Davina!

Stephanie Readings Wallace (Vic) … Hi Davina. Got my letter today and what a revelation! I just want to tell you that your workshop made a big impact on my life. Although I have and will continue to have some major challenges in my life, I am proud that I have kept true to my beliefs as per my letter to self. Life is about living here and now, not stressing about what might happen and not being scared to ask and just go for it no matter what! Thanks so much for your encouragement.

Fizza Khan (NSW) … Thanks for guiding me the proper direction in achieving my goal and making me clear on what I really want to do in life. I am honoured to know lovely and highly qualified ladies like you and Kristy.